Captain crunch

Tutorial Henry,portrait of a cereal killer.

 To make this picture, I take a picture with camera + and timer the staging is very important I put the head in cereals with milk for maximum results ( photo 1).

(from left to right)

Take your bowl of cereal, i take with pro camera ( photo2), So after open superimpose

Then load the background (photo 1) and the foreground (photo2) ( photo3) after Set transparency for better juxtaposition ( photo4 and 5) Pressed mask and choose the brush, decrease the size (choose the 20) and press the button soft( photo6) Start clear and refined details, the goal is to have a perfect simulation ( photo 7, 8) after you save it and open snapseed app Go grunge effect, decrease thoroughly contrast and choose your style (photo9), you save your pic ( photo 10), open vfxstudio (11) load your photo(12) choose fx and crack L effect(13 and 14) superimpose your crack around your skull (15) after you save it, open blender and load the photo 10 and after the photo 15 ( photo 16) erase completly with the draw (17) Then again but this time let reappear crack effect around the bowl of cereal (18 and 19) your photo is ready ( 20) after you can adjust the brightness and contrast and a little sharp .

Link tuto

Find my tuto for eyeem blog , The headlessman

Poladream tuto

Yes Bigfoot exist

The fetichist chapitre 1: the lovesick shoe
The fetichist chapitre 1: the lovesick shoe

For made this photo , i shot with my iphone5s, edit with superimpose, snapseed, mexture,afterlight,filterstorm,my shoe , my foot!

The water effect

La peau sur les eaux
La peau sur les eaux

Shot with iphone5s, edit with blender, wowfx,snapseed,afterlight,camerabag2

Electrician, what a beautiful job!

Later i would be electrician like my daddy
Later i would be electrician like my daddy

This photo has very little effect, I used the spacepaint application to the effects of smoke, unfortunately this application reduces the image resolution when saving, so once the smoke effect established , save the photo, open superimpose  and load background picture without the effect of smoke and then load the photo with smoke in foreground, clear picture to completely remove smoke, repeat in reverse but this time by keeping the effect of smoke and your photo will be save in high resolution, despite the use of spacepaint.

The fetichist, or how to get a foot in the place of the head?

The fetichist , the incredible story of the shoes collector.

how to create this photo, numbering from left to right

 Open superimpose and load your background (the picture of the decor) and then load the photo foreground (the photo of you holding shoes) photo1 & 2. 

clear your head, with the tool size 22 push botton soft, keeping only the decor, be as specific as possible. then save (picture3), 

open again superimpose with photo 3 (without the head) and took a photo of your earlier foot, this picture or foot that will replace your head in two stages, the first, broaden the base of the top of the foot and place has base of the neck, brush, size 22 and the soft button, keeping only this part and save (photo 4 & 5 & 6 & 7).

start and open superimpose , load the photo, save (7) and the picture again with the foot, place the foot on top of the base of the photo, it has to be as natural as possible, you can change the transparency of the photo to see better, then delete the contour of the foot, with the brush, size 22 (a roughly) and soft button, the base of the foot and the foot should be one( photo 8&9&10&11&12&13), then save.

Upload the photo of you with the foot instead of the head, and then load the foreground, the original photo and place it on your foot, delete the photo and let your eyes appear, done the same thing with your mouth, smile if possible (photo 14 & 15) then save your photo.

Your photo is ready, then open Snapseed, go to the grunge effect, minimize the contrast and keep the texture but not too much (photo16), then save.

Then open mexture and grunge effect, choose concrete jungle Move the cursor up 50 (photo17) save, your photo is ready!

The shallow effect

The shallows
The shallows

How to create a dramatic effect for this streetphotography, to left, my photo shot with hipsta combo JohnS lens and us1776 film, to right ,the same pic , i paint the silhouette with filterstorm ( the same color of the shadow men) and i use the app cameramatic B&W expired film.

I wanted accentuate the silhouette of the man to give a dramatic effect, cameramatic still gives a little more mood to the picture, I found the light beautiful.