The corporation

Your new eye will be soon complete. This was a message from the new health program of the corporation.

Need holiday? you also go on vacation, to the heavently places, girsl,sun , the sea! this was a message from the tourism program of the corporation.(do not stay more than an hour with your transmitter, or your brain may grilled)

The organic pipe. You also, give your sperm, with our new sexual hologram, repopulated the earth, thanks for your donation.this was a message from the family program of  the corporation( warning, put the organic pipe into your sex!)

For you the eternal life! You also sell your childhood memories to the corporation. Clone yourself and transfer your memories on your clone. Put the neurotransmitters on your eyes, the organic hole does the rest.

What do you see citizen? _ I see me running on the beach, wind in my hair, i see my parents, i'm so happy here, don't unplug me, please! _I'm obliged citizen,too much happiness can make you crazy!

A little hungry? connected your organic pipe throught the organic hole in your living room, put in your mouth, and a delicious meal will be given ( be carefull, not use sexual hologram at the same time) it was a message from the corporation.

Because you are a sheep like the others, be respected, be the number one, be our eyes, be informant for the corporation, is not a dream! so join us! A uniform will be offered! sheep: extinct animal that lived in herds

During my nutrition phase, i do the same strange and beauty dream. _What your dream citizen? _ I dream, i'm free!

Need humanity?

You are a loser, only the strong people survive here, you'll be sucked by the organic hole, good bye Mr C . the invoice of your elimination will be sent at your family

Blowjob 2.0 ( take a good time with our new sexual hologram program)